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Heavenly collection - 10ml Orange Lavender Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Our heavenly collection takes you into a beautiful relaxing slumber, Lavender is key for releasing stress, helping sleep, calming the nervous system that may be overworked due to EMF radiation and daily life. Take yourself into a moment of luxury and escape into the far corner of peace in your mind and body.

Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil

Model Number: essential oils

Ingredient: Plant extracts

Use 1: Water-soluble 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oils

Use 2: For Aromatherapy Massage Spa Bath Fragrance

Use 3: Orange Lavender Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Use 4: 10ml Natural Essential Oil Skin Care

Use 5: Wrinkle Care Lift Skin Plant Essential


net weight: 10 ml